This is the photosite of Hugo and Emily Heijna, hosted by

On this page you will find more about our personal interests.

In 1978 we started as enthusiastic amateur photographers, working analog in black&white and processing our films in our own darkroom. Afterwards we switched to drawing and painting but returned to photography in 2000 adding digital technics. We now process all our shots digitally and print them on an Epson 2100 printer. After 2003 we only work fully digitally.
As members of ‘Fotoclub Ef Elf’ we regularly meet fellow-amateur photographers and see a lot of photographic work at club meetings. Those contacts generate many ideas and give inspiration for further work.
We are particularly interested in photographing day-to-day subjects which normally do not attract the attention. We prefer some abstraction, emphasizing lines, shapes, and colours.
We are glad to show you part of our work here. We have composed a number of short series that are based on themes. New series are added at the top of the list.

We hope you will enjoy our work.

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